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The world’s best and fastest acting, equine sarcoid removing cream,
 is made by Clean Horse. 
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In the equine world, few words hit harder than hearing the words, “your horse has sarcoids”. Most horse owners know that one sarcoid can develop into more sarcoids over time, even forming in different places on your horse and even in different shapes and sizes. Regardless of where and what they look like, your horse is now a cancer survivor. How long your horse lives may now depend on your next few choices for your horse.
There are five basic choices for the horse owner at this point, do nothing, take chemo and radiation, freeze it, cut it out, or use natural salves to remove it from the skin and use internal  plants and mineral clay like products to remove it from the whole body .
Here at Clean Horse, we know that there is a better option than doing nothing or taking any standard orthodox treatments. Freezing or cutting the sarcoid never gets the under lying cells in the nerves and it always comes back bigger than before. The best option is to use the Clean Horse Sarcoid Removal Cream.
The Clean Horse Sarcoid Removal Cream is the most powerful sarcoid cream that can be safely manufactured today! No other sarcoid cream manufacture has a safer, faster or more powerful product than our Clean Horse Sarcoid Removal Cream.
 The power of our sarcoid removal product can be seen in the fact that you only have to treat any given area for 3 to 5 times (days) and you are finished with the whole removal treatment. In less than 14 days from the first treatment, the sarcoid usually falls out to the ground.  
Most sarcoids after being treated the first time, becomes hard to the touch. After 3 to 5 days the sarcoid will become one solid piece of hard flesh stuck in the skin. This is good because, unlike some creams that takes weeks or months to work; our sarcoid removal cream has killed the whole sarcoid fast. Turning the sarcoid it into a solid hard mass fast, will trap the remaining sub dermal sarcoid cells in the hard mass, not allowing the sarcoid cells to spread to other parts of the body.
 Slow acting creams may allow the still living sarcoid cells in and around the treated sarcoid, to spread to other parts of the body.
As the body prepares to release the sarcoid from the skin, a red and/or white ring will form around the now dead sarcoid. At this stage of removal the body is preparing to eject the sarcoid from the skin, just like it would a wooden splinter in your skin. The area around the sacoid will fester up and push out the sarcoid, in around 14 days or less.
To make our Saecoid Removal Cream strong and fast enough to outperform every other product on the market today, we combined blood-root, chaparral, graviola, burdock root, red clover, sea salt chloride and zinc chloride into one single product.
Some product manufactures will try to scare the horse owner with tales of pain to the horse when using either blood-root and/or zinc salt chloride, so let us clear that mistake up now.
Here are the facts. There are over 3000 estimated different plants that have sarcoid removing potional and capabilities. All or most of these plants are called ecrrotics which means they have heat generating properties.  The heat generating properties in the plant (s) can force the body’s fluids to become more caustic at lowered PH levels, as long as the plant compounds are present.
The dropping of the PH. in the body’s fluids in and around a sarcoid is how most sarcoid removing plant works.
With so many plants to chose from that could work, we choose the best known plants that are repeatedly found in old writings over and over again that have worked throughout history. We chose blood-root, chaparral, graviola, Burdock root and red clover.   
These plants are then infused with two different type salt chlorides, sea salt chloride and zinc chloride. Old writings identify the infusing of these plants was achieved by using either iodine or sulfur and both of these products are known as poisons. Clean Horse made the new modern choice of combining the two salt chlorides together, to be used as the Sarcoid Removal Creams activators or plant compound carrying agents.
 Salt chlorides are one of the oldest medical treatments used by recorded man and is still used today, regularly.
 As far as pain to the animal being cared for, it is minimal and any such discomfort is usually over in less than one hour’s time. As the care provider, exposing the animal to any temporary discomfort is justifiable when trying to save the animals life. 
The loss of hair in the spot or the forming of a scar is of concern to some show horse owners. Most times the healed spot will have no noticeable changes in or on the hide; others will have a few white hairs that may form in the center of the spot. Even when sarcoids bulge out of the skin the size of apples or grapefruits, in a year’s time, you would have to know where to look to find any scarring. On big sarcoid spots it is recommended to use the Hid and Hoof Wash for the next few months to totally eliminate any visible hair appearance.
The Hide and Hoof Wash is an all animal product that will usually clear the skin and restore the hair to the hide of any animal. If you have a dermal skin or hair loss problem of any kind (rain- rot, hot spots, surgery scars, rash’s of every kind, red mange, etc.) you need the Hide and Hoof Wash. Because of the wide array dermal problems this is product is eliminating, this may be our number one usage product just behind the Sarcoid Removal Cream.
When used on proud flesh, where the skin is no longer covering the meat tissue, this product out performs any thing on the market today. Cover the whole open flesh area with the Hide and Hoof Wash every day until healed, including the restoring of hide and hair.
 Only the Clean Horse Sarcoid Removal Cream gives you a product that is safe, fast working, and strong enough to remove every sarcoid on your horse and this is our guarantee. 
The opening left where the sarcoid was, should then be covered or filled with a super high quality non steroidal healing cream like our Clean Horse Wound and Hoof Cream, until the wound is healed.
You can find our Wound and Hoof Healing Cream on our web site, next to the sarcoid removal cream., The Wound and Hoof Healing Cream is recommended when using the Sarcoid Removal Cream to fill the open hole or cavity and speed up the healing processes while keeping the skin up-against the now hard sarcoid soft as possible.
The Wound and Hoof Healing Cream works great as a hoof healing salve for an after care product for sarcoid removal and on the horses hoofs after they have been treated for hoof rot or trash etc.. It also works great as a natural hoof shine product, leaving the hoof in its natural looking state, but with a shinny glow. Your may have to apply this cream to the hoof 2 or 3 times, because of this creams powerful penetrating capabilities, before you have enough cream buildup for a hoof shine.
This cream gives a new skin glow to the soft skin around the eyes and nose, it is a great show cream for any part of the horse that needs a new slick look.
If your horse has hoof rot, thrush or any other hoof disease, use the Hide and Hoof Wash full strength, cover the whole foot, frog and all, for 3 to 7 days or until the bad hoof part falls off, then use this cream on the hoof, as a healing cream.  
You can find our Sarcoid Removal Cream and all of our products on our web site Clean Horse


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